Monday, May 18, 2009

Rajavari Chepala Cheruvu Movie Review

A honest cop tries to change the system but ends up on the receiving end due to wily politicians and corrupt officials. How does the cop teach a lesson to all, how does the fish business help him in this aspect. Let us go and see.


The noted politician Srinivas Rao (kota) has a son who throws acid on a pretty girl’s face since she has not accepted his love and goes scot free. But not for long as the honest and a bit unusual Sub Inspector Raja (posani) takes up the case and with his unorthodox approach takes the youngster into custody and gets the truth. Things get difficult for Srinivas Rao when he decides to contest for election but faces stiff opposition from the simple yet charismatic leader Sivaprasad (Giri Babu). Rao tries to use dirty politics and drags Sivaprasad’s family but then Raja intervenes and teaches him a very humiliating lesson. But before Rao could think of the next step, he is killed by his own daughter (zubeda) and son in law (shakeel). The son in law becomes the MLA and he ensures that Raja loses his job, gets him beaten by his men and also does something horrible to Raja’s pregnant wife Sirisha (gaina) who cannot conceive for the rest of her life. Raja decides to get into fishery business and approaches the same villain who is now the MLA for help and with his support, he also gets in touch with the concerned team of government officials (brahmi, M S, kondavalasa, sana, prabhakar, pragati, venu madhav). They all take bribes and grant Raja with the required clearances. The real story then begins with Raja hatching a plan. What he does forms the rest of the tale.


Posani was his usual self and came up with an energetic performance, he had his usual trademark bouts of madness in his mannerisms and dialogues which forms the highlight of the film. Gaina looked gorgeous and give her sweet face, she has actually done a bold role. Kota made his presence felt. A stunner was Zubeda who oozed out her oomph in the item song and also during few scenes, she has potential. Shakeel was not upto mark. Brahmanandam, Brahmaji, MS, Kondavalasa, Prabhakar, Venu Madhav, Sana, Pragati, Ali and others performed their role as required.

Technical aspects

The dialogues were the main life for the film and it had some sensible stuff and also sleazy stuff. Script was alright but it could have been better, screenplay was average. Music was good for the two songs and the background score was apt. Costumes and art department did their job neatly and editing was something missing at key points. Camera was quite haphazard and it was shaky most of the times.

Director’s portrayal

The director wanted to come up with a thought provoking storyline but then he should have also focused on conveying it to the audience with the right proportion instead of getting extreme on few points. His narrative was good and drove the message perfectly but then there are times when he came up with some really embarrassing and vulgar stuff which makes the audience quite uncomfortable.

Critic’s view

The film is basically trying to put across to the audience that it is the people who are with power and not the politicians. Though the theme is bring about an awareness amongst the viewers and that too with a rather interesting concept, the film fell flat on few key instances like lacking pace during the second half while taking off with a good tempo in the first half. Then, there is also a nudity scene which is actually quite shameful and dragging it for more than three scenes was something not acceptable. The film has got a fair share of eccentric expression, some really censorable dialogues and a good share of entertaining lines too but then this is a treat for the front benchers and those who are used to the Posani flavors, not others.


A typical Posani flick

Cast: Posani, Gaina, Brahmanandam, Ali, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Raghubabu, MS, Krishna Bhagawan, Sunil, Venumadhav, Giribabu, Ranganath, Chalapati Rao, Kondavalasa, Zubeda Khan, Shakeel etc.


Banner: Lakshmi Ganapathi Films

Music: Vandemataram Srinivas

Camera: Gadiraju Srinivas

Director: Posani

Producers: Subramanyam, Rupesh Y

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